Effective top 10 reasons wooden toys rock india teether toys

Effective top 10 reasons wooden toys rock - india teether toys

top 10 reasons wooden toys rock – india teether toys

10. They are Eco-Friendly

I know I am not discovering the hot water here, but this is a very valid reason to prefer wooden toys. Wooden does not pollute the soil when thrown away – or when burned into the fireplace and wood is a renewable material (although we should be careful when cutting trees!).

9. You Can Make Them Yourself

We already discussed why making toys yourself is great. Well, there is no better material for this than wood. While making tin toys is also possible, wood is the material that allows the most flexibility and at the same time is simple enough for everyone to work with it – yes, even for kids.

8. Durability

Just one word indeed! Wooden toys are far more durable than for example the popular plastic toys. Chances are you have played with some wooden you inherited by your father and why not even grandfather. Can you tell the same about a plastic toy? OK, OK, I know plastic toys maybe didn’t exist at your parents time, but do you keep any plastic toys from your childhood which are still in good condition today?

7. Wood Feels Better

Children not always realize that, but wood is much warmer and nice to touch than plastic. You shouldn’t expect that your kids will knowingly prefer wood as they generally don’t care about the material. However in most cases they feel more comfortable having wooden toy in their hands than any other kind of toy.

6. Easy to Paint.

Wood is easier to paint than other materials. Old painted wooden toys can be given new life by repainting while this is usually not possible with plastic or metal toys. Some wooden toys come unpainted (especially if you have made them yourself). It’s a great creativity-encouraging thing to give children the task to paint their wooden toys.

5. Assembling and Disassembling

Speaking about creativity, many wooden toys allow easier assembling and disassembling. Even if the kid breaks some part, joint or bolt during this, the wooden toy easily can be fixed. Any chance to do this with a plastic toy? Almost none. And doing this is great for developing children curiosity, creativity and dexterity.

4. Hygiene and Safety

Plastic quickly collect dirt and becomes oily in a very disgusting way over time. If you have used plastic dishes in your student life you know very well what I mean! The greaze on plastic is almost impossible to clean. Most plastic is also toxic – while touching is usually not a problem especially when toys are produced with safety in mind, absorption of small plastic parts definitely is.
On the other hand wood is easier to clean: if there are very dirt areas you can even sandpaper and repaint it. Wood itself is natural material and safe for health by any means.

3. Home Decoration

Wooden toys are great for adults too – not just because they bring you good memories. They can also be used as indoor decoration – especially the larger ones. Now tell me how could you put a plastic toy as a decoration and have it look good! Hint: you just can’t.

2. Handmade

If you look in small stores or check online ads you can find crafters who sell handmade wooden toys. Yes, they are far more expensive than the plastic toys you can buy from the supermarket. But they are handmade and unique. Such toys are great gift even for older kids or adults. I’m still waiting to see a handmade plastic toy!

1. They Are Just Bloody Amazing!

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